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IQ Option Legal In India? Is It Safe To Trade On IQ Option In India?

IQ Option Legal In India

There are many of our fellow Indian friends who want to start their journey in Binary Options Trading. But they have one question in their mind "Is IQ Option Legal in India?" So to help you I have made this article and today in this article we will discuss whether it is legal or not to trade in IQ Option?

So Is IQ Option Trading Legal In India?

I have got a lot of question on this so I have researched and also asked IQ Option team about this issue whether it is legal or not in India. Here is what I have found:

1) Direct Contact With IQ Option:

I have raised this question to IQ Option team about is it safe to trade on IQ Option. Below is the screenshot of our chat in IQ Option.

According to him, it is illegal to trade on Forex Trading but Binary Option is a completely different thing from Forex Trading. They have told that there is nothing written like doing trade on Binary Options is illegal in India accordingly FMEA Act. 

I also told if it is not illegal then why bank cards are not working then they have told something like this "They must meet our standards" so Bank cards are not accepting on our platform and they also told to use E-Wallet to deposit.

They also told if it illegal then we do not our user to create an account in IQ Option. In the USA it is illegal so when you try to open IQ Option website you will not be allowed to create an account. You can try yourself by using VPN and setting location as the USA and they will not allow you to open an account. So it is completely legal to trade on IQ Option as of now and there are almost 2,00,000 Indian people trading on IQ Option currently. 

2) Economic Times Article:

It is considered as one of the most trusted Indian Website and according to one of his article, they have written that Indian Government has allowed trading on certain forex currency like  EUR-USD(euro-dollar), GBP-USD(pound-dollar) and USD-JPY (dollar-yen). If you want to read the article then you can read from here Economic Times

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So as of now, you do not have to take any tension of legality of trading in IQ Option fill free to trade on IQ Option. If you still have any doubts then please contact me or comment below I will reply as soon as possible.

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